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Do you have larger pictures and making issues of transferring from one platform to another or making issues of uploading on any platform? If yes, then the only option left for you is to reduce the size of the images. Why? Because when you reduce the size of the image, any issue that is caused due to the same reasons would easily go away, and you can easily upload or transfer the images online.

With ConvertOnlineFiles, you can easily compress the images of different formats without any issues. Yes, this platform comes with an easy-to-understand interface that is ideal for everyone. On top of that, the ConvertOnlineFiles is not a paid browsing tool, and you will get everything for free without any need to spend a penny. Also, it comes with top-notch advanced security features that allow you to use it without any security issues. Plus, it’s accessible on multiple platforms or devices, which makes it a convenient tool.

How to Compress Images on Convert Online Files?

If you are looking to Compress images on ConvertOnlineFiles, make sure you are aware of the mandatory steps for it. Without these steps, you can’t compress the images at all. So, let's talk about the steps in detail.

Step 1: 

ConvertOnlineFiles has a list of features available on its Home page. Therefore, you need to first get into the official page of the website. After that, the next thing for you will be to find out the “Compress Images” feature on the Home page. Yes, that’s the same feature that can help out to compress the images.

Step 2:

The second step for you is to Open the Compress Images option, where you will then check out the Target format. Yes, the target format will be the option that can allow you to choose whatever format that you were looking for the conversion purpose. After selecting the Format, click on the Go Button.

Step 3: 

The Third step starts with entering a new page where you have to upload the images to compress. Remember, you need to upload the same image format that you have selected in the Uploading Page. You can upload the images by directly dragging and dropping them to the desired location or simply using the Browse option for uploading.

Step 4:

The fourth step will be to click on the Convert Files option below the Uploading Option box. After you click on that option, make sure to wait for some time and let the platform do the compression and create a download link for you. You can get the Download file to the email address or directly to the device.

Note: You have the option to upload at least ten images at the same time to compress. Also, each image can be a maximum of 1 GB. Anything that is above 1GB is not acceptable on this Tool. Meanwhile, you can’t upload more than ten images at the same time to compress.

What are the Format Options available for the Compress Images Feature?

The Steps were pretty easier for anyone to understand, and we believe that you would also learn everything quite easily. Now, the next important thing to know is the list of options available on the Platform. Well, ConvertOnlineFiles has provided several Formats of Images for the Users to compress the images. So, let’s discuss them in detail.

Compress JPG:

JPG Image Format is friendly for every online user who wants to upload images on their website pages. It’s the Image format that is acceptable on pretty much every platform. You can share it with any other device or platform without worrying about the restrictions. Meanwhile, every software or hardware is friendly with this Image format to load it without any hurdles. You won’t need to change the format of JPG for usage purposes. You would get more colorful and vibrant images in the JPG format, which is quite fascinating. Here, you can easily compress the JPG images by using the ConvertOnlineFiles without any hurdles.

Compress PNG:

PNG is another outstanding Image format that most people use to make images for their brands, services, or personal usages. Well, the best thing about PNG Format Images is that it doesn’t lose the quality and compression that easily. Therefore, anyone could use it for the same purposes. If you want to compress the PNG format images for whatever reasons, you can do it by considering the ConvertOnlineFiles.

Compress SVG:

SVG Image formats are Resolution independent, Ability to edit, SEO Friendly, and perfect Scalability. Therefore, a lot of the peoples tends to use this type of Image Format. Especially the ones who used it on the daily website designs. If you are looking to compress the SVG image format, you can do it easily with the help of ConvertOnlineFiles.

Why Should You use Compress Images?

The compress Images feature can be a good option for those stuck in sending the Images to multiple platforms due to the excessive sizes. Yes, many platforms have set up specific image size options for the users to upload; therefore, you have to follow the rules at any cost. However, when you compress the Images using the Compress tool, it will easily upload anywhere you want.

Apart from that, Most website owners get the issues of Slow Loading Speed. In general, the primary reason behind it is the File size that doesn’t allow you to get a well-mannered loading speed. As a result, you would find a lot of issues. But, the use of the Compress image tool can make all of your hurdles into solutions. Yes, you can easily upload them on the Web pages without any hurdles by compressing the images.

Why Should You Use ConvertOnlineFiles?

ConvertOnlineFiles is a reliable and Versatile Browsing Tool platform where you can get the Facilities of Converting or Compressing the Documents. On the platform, everything is free for you to do without any restrictions.

The Platform was designed by Jahasoft LTD, a verified and registered Software house based in Balochistan. The software house provides software solutions to different companies and individuals across Pakistan and other countries. They develop everything that you will see on this platform from scratch.

You can upload the Images on this platform without worrying about Security. The developers of ConvertOnlineFiles have used reliable services and tools to ensure the optimal security level on their platform. Neither the third-party app/person nor the members of ConvertOnlineFiles can’t access the uploading of your images.

You can use the compress Images feature on ConvertOnlineFiles by using any device or platform. Yes, it’s available for multiple platforms. Therefore, you will never have to worry about anything related to its usage on several platforms.

In the end, you have the option to upload a maximum of 10 Images at the same time to Compress. Meanwhile, the File uploading capabilities are up to 1GB, which is outstanding.